Research findings should not only be buried in scientific journals. Trudy and members of her team regularly present their research at scientific meetings, discuss the latest research with fellow scientists, or discuss the impact of research with health professionals and other stakeholders.

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June 2019

Fruit vs fruit juice

25 June 2019|Speaking, Updates|

This week I was interviewed by Nu.nl on whether ‘drinking fruit’ is as healthy as eating it. Read here why you shouldn’t drink juice to compensate a low fruit intake (in Dutch).

May 2019

November 2018

Food Trend College Alcohol

29 November 2018|Speaking|

Is there such a thing as healthy alcohol consumption? I was invited to give a lecture on this topic at the Food Trend College on alcohol organized by HAS Den Bosch. Interesting discussions with the students and representatives from the alcohol industry on whether alcohol sales or marketing should be regulated!


Science Cafe Sugar

25 November 2018|Images, Speaking, Updates|

Is sugar as dangerous as is sometimes claimed? Is it addictive? How can we reduce intake of added sugar? I was invited to discuss these and many other questions on sugar in this Science Cafe in Tivoli Utrecht together with with prof. Jaap Seidell and prof. Susanne la Fleur.



October 2018

European diabetes conference

31 October 2018|Speaking, Updates|

This month, Zhangling and I presented our research on plant-based diets and on the gut microbiome at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Berlin. So exciting to share our work with thousands of scientists and health professionals at this huge diabetes conference!

February 2018

The International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

28 February 2018|Images, Speaking, Updates|

Honored to have been invited to speak at the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in Loma Linda, California this week. In my two presentations, I talked about the importance of diet during pregnancy for child health and on the effects of different types of dietary patterns on bone health across the life course.


December 2017

Interview Nederland Voedselland – Is BPA in food dangerous?

10 December 2017|Media, Speaking, Updates|

Nederland Voedselland interviewed me about Bisphenol A (BPA) in our food and its potential health risks for pregnant women and young children. My conclusion: no need to worry as a consumer, but it’s good that in research, regulations, and industry we keep monitoring the standards and exposures.

 Link to the article (in Dutch)

November 2017

WEVO meeting 2017, Amsterdam

20 November 2017|Speaking, Updates|

Proud of Anh Nhi Nguyen, who presented her work on diet quality in childhood at the WEVO meeting today in Amsterdam. She presented our finding that none of the over 4000 children we studied in Rotterdam meet all Dutch dietary guidelines. Most eat enough fruit but also too many sugar-containing beverages.

Lead Your Future Kick-off event

10 November 2017|Speaking, Updates|

I was invited as panel member at the Lead Your Future kick-off at Erasmus University. A great initiative to coach 5000 young women (starting already at high-school!) on their careers. So honored to be part of this event! #girlpower