Research findings should not only be buried in scientific journals. Trudy regularly attends conferences and events to present and discuss the latest research with fellow scientists, or to discuss the impact of research with health professionals and other stakeholders.

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February 2018

The International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

28 February 2018|Images, Speaking, Updates|

Honored to have been invited to speak at the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in Loma Linda, California this week. In my two presentations, I talked about the importance of diet during pregnancy for child health and on the effects of different types of dietary patterns on bone health across the life course.


December 2017

Interview Nederland Voedselland – Is BPA in food dangerous?

10 December 2017|Media, Speaking, Updates|

Nederland Voedselland interviewed me about Bisphenol A (BPA) in our food and its potential health risks for pregnant women and young children. My conclusion: no need to worry as a consumer, but it’s good that in research, regulations, and industry we keep monitoring the standards and exposures.

 Link to the article (in Dutch)

November 2017

Guest lectures in Bogota and Medellin

2 November 2017|Speaking, Teaching, Updates|

This week I am in Bogota and in Medellin, Colombia. I was invited to give a lecture on the global burden of non-communicable diseases at the International Days of FUCS university. I also gave seminars on the importance of nutrition in health and disease at the departments of Pediatrics, Cardiology, and Surgery at FUCS university and at CES university in Medellin. Great to meet so many new people and discuss potential collaborations!

October 2017

International Congress of Nutrition

20 October 2017|Speaking, Updates|

This week I’m at the IUNS International Conference of Nutrition in Buenos Aires. Great to meet so many old and new friends and to present my research on nutrition and health in the Generation R and Rotterdam Study in three different sessions at this great conference. And honored to have been awarded an Early Career Award!


Interview Uitzicht – The importance of nutrition for women’s health

5 October 2017|Media, Speaking, Updates|

Last month I was interviewed for the Magazine Uitzicht about the importance of nutrition for women’s health. We discussed for example the importance of exercise and of vitamin D supplementation after age 50 for bone health and specific nutritional requirements during pregnancy.



September 2017