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Nutrition and lifestyle are vital for health throughout life

Trudy Voortman studies the role of nutrition, lifestyle and obesity in health and disease in different stages of life, from pregnancy and infancy to old age.

Dr. ir. Trudy Voortman

Nutrition Scientist & Epidemiologist

Trudy Voortman is a nutrition scientist and epidemiologist. She currently works at Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, where she leads the Nutrition & Lifestyle research group.

Previously, she worked as nutrition scientist at Unilever Research & Development in the Netherlands, at Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland, and at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston in the US.

Trudy is registered nutrition scientist at the Dutch Academy for Nutrition Sciences (NAV) and member of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform.

She organizes the yearly Dutch Nutritional Science Days and the International Society of Physical Activity & Health (ISPAH) 2020 meeting.

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In her research, Trudy studies the role of nutrition, lifestyle, and obesity in health and disease throughout the life course. Specific stages of interest include for example pregnancy, infancy, childhood, menopause, and old age.

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Trudy teaches nutrition, epidemiology, and global health at several universities. Also, she is actively involved in nutrition education for the medical curriculum, to train medical doctors on the importance of nutrition and lifestyle.

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Research findings should not just be published in scientific papers. Trudy regularly presents and discusses her work at scientific meetings for fellow scientists and at events for health professionals or other stakeholders.

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Trudy’s latest updates

June 2019

Fruit vs fruit juice

25 June 2019|Speaking, Updates|

This week I was interviewed by on whether ‘drinking fruit’ is as healthy as eating it. Read here why you shouldn’t drink juice to compensate a low fruit intake (in Dutch).

May 2019

November 2018

Science Cafe Sugar

25 November 2018|Images, Speaking, Updates|

Is sugar as dangerous as is sometimes claimed? Is it addictive? How can we reduce intake of added sugar? I was invited to discuss these and many other questions on sugar in this Science Cafe in Tivoli Utrecht together with with prof. Jaap Seidell and prof. Susanne la Fleur.



October 2018

European diabetes conference

31 October 2018|Speaking, Updates|

This month, Zhangling and I presented our research on plant-based diets and on the gut microbiome at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Berlin. So exciting to share our work with thousands of scientists and health professionals at this huge diabetes conference!

February 2018

The International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

28 February 2018|Images, Speaking, Updates|

Honored to have been invited to speak at the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in Loma Linda, California this week. In my two presentations, I talked about the importance of diet during pregnancy for child health and on the effects of different types of dietary patterns on bone health across the life course.


January 2018

The latest food hype: raw water?

4 January 2018|Media, Updates|

I was interviewed by FunX radio today about the latest food hype: raw water…?! Please don’t, and stick to our safe filtered tap water  Did you know Dutch tap water is one of the safest of tap waters in the world?