January 2020

Lemon water is no superfood

Yesterday I was interviewed on the health effects of lemon water for an article at NU.nl. However, except maybe for seamen with scurvy a few centuries ago, lemon juice is no superfood. A glass of lemon water in the morning won’t help you burn fat or detox your body. Fortunately, there is also isn’t much harm in drinking lemon juice. It is low in sugar so it’s a healthy alternative over other fruit juices.

November 2019

October 2019

Whole grain session at the Dubai International Congress of Nutrition

Honored to have been invited by the American Society of Nutrition to speak at the Dubai International Congress of Nutrition last week. In my two presentations, I talked about how whole grains can impact cardiometabolic health and the importance of whole-grain intake for global health. Did you know that low intake of whole grains and high intake of sodium are the two most important dietary risk factors for NCD morbidity and mortality globally?


September 2019

June 2019

Fruit vs fruit juice at Nu.nl

This week I was interviewed by Nu.nl on whether ‘drinking fruit’ is as healthy as eating it. Read here why you shouldn’t drink juice to compensate a low fruit intake (in Dutch).

May 2019

November 2018

Food Trend College Alcohol

Is there such a thing as healthy alcohol consumption? I was invited to give a lecture on this topic at the Food Trend College on alcohol organized by HAS Den Bosch. Interesting discussions with the students and representatives from the alcohol industry on whether alcohol sales or marketing should be regulated!


Science Cafe Sugar

Is sugar as dangerous as is sometimes claimed? Is it addictive? How can we reduce intake of added sugar? I was invited to discuss these and many other questions on sugar in this Science Cafe in Tivoli Utrecht together with with prof. Jaap Seidell and prof. Susanne la Fleur.



October 2018

February 2018

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