October 2019

Global health seminars in Bogotá

It was great to be back in Bogotá, to visit our students from the Global Health minor at FUCS university and to present our research at Javariana University. Looking forward to hosting some of their students at Erasmus MC!

November 2017

Guest lectures in Bogota and Medellin

This week I am in Bogota and in Medellin, Colombia. I was invited to give a lecture on the global burden of non-communicable diseases at the International Days of FUCS university. I also gave seminars on the importance of nutrition in health and disease at the departments of Pediatrics, Cardiology, and Surgery at FUCS university and at CES university in Medellin. Great to meet so many new people and discuss potential collaborations!

September 2017

Nutrition education for medical students

Excited to talk about the ‘sense and non-sense’ of nutrition hypes at this event for medical students. It is so important to have more nutrition and lifestyle education in the general medical curriculum! Good initiative by Student & Voeding!


Minor Global Health 2017

This is my fourth year of teaching in the minor Global Health already! This summer I gave several lectures on non-communicable diseases and on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in global health in this minor targeted at medical students. Always such a motivated and engaged group!

Minor Global Health

August 2017

Erasmus Summer Program

Summer time! So many students visiting Rotterdam again this month for the Erasmus Summer Program. In this year’s summer program I gave guest lectures on Maternal & Child Health in the Global Public Health course.

July 2017

Clinical Technology, Delft   

My first time at Delft University! Great to be involved in the BSc research projects of the Clinical Technology program here. Very impressed by the combined medical and technical knowledge of these students.

Clinical Technology, Delft

May 2017

Lecture lifestyle and CVD prevention

In this year’s Cardiovascular Epidemiology course of NIHES I give a lecture and practical on the role of lifestyle in primary and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention.

March 2017

Erasmus University College

My first time at Erasmus University College, the new international honor’s college of Erasmus University. What a beautiful building in the city center of Rotterdam!  I was invited to give lectures on nutrition and health and the strength of evidence from different types of studies, in the course on Food, Taste, and Nutrition.

February 2017

Cambridge University

Also this year, I gave guest lectures on maternal health, child health, and healthy ageing, in a course on global public health for the MPhil program at Cambridge University