January 2020

Lemon water is no superfood

Yesterday I was interviewed on the health effects of lemon water for an article at However, except maybe for seamen with scurvy a few centuries ago, lemon juice is no superfood. A glass of lemon water in the morning won’t help you burn fat or detox your body. Fortunately, there is also isn’t much harm in drinking lemon juice. It is low in sugar so it’s a healthy alternative over other fruit juices.

June 2019

Fruit vs fruit juice at

This week I was interviewed by on whether ‘drinking fruit’ is as healthy as eating it. Read here why you shouldn’t drink juice to compensate a low fruit intake (in Dutch).

May 2019

January 2018

The latest food hype: raw water?

I was interviewed by FunX radio today about the latest food hype: raw water…?! Please don’t, and stick to our safe filtered tap water  Did you know Dutch tap water is one of the safest of tap waters in the world?

December 2017

Interview FunX radio – Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

Another health and beauty hype. In their radio show on FunX, Shay and Morad asked me whether apple cider vinegar is good for you. My message: enjoy it in your salad for its taste, but no need to drink it for your health.

 Link to the audio fragment (in Dutch)


Interview Nederland Voedselland – Is BPA in food dangerous?

Nederland Voedselland interviewed me about Bisphenol A (BPA) in our food and its potential health risks for pregnant women and young children. My conclusion: no need to worry as a consumer, but it’s good that in research, regulations, and industry we keep monitoring the standards and exposures.

 Link to the article (in Dutch)

October 2017

August 2017

Interview AD – Can charcoal foods help you detox?

I got an interesting question from a journalist this week: is it healthy to eat foods with charcoal? Apparently it’s a hype to add activated charcoal to foods to ‘detox’. My response: yes, this product works as detox if you have an acute intoxication with certain poisons, because it binds these toxins in the stomach and helps to eliminate then. But it binds not only toxins, but also certain vitamins, minerals, and medications. So if you don’t have an acute it’s not only nonsense but even potentially dangerous!

 Link to audio fragment (in Dutch)

 Link to video  fragment (in Dutch)




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